3D Vizion Brings Glasses-Free 3D In the Philippines

L-R: Mohan Kulkarni: Chairman of 3D Vizion, Katrina Bantug: CEO & President, Ed Travis: Director of Content Delivery/Technology

The face of advertising is stepping up, and will surely change as 3D Vizion brings us a less hassle and one of a kind luxury advertising and promotional experience for the advertisers and its market. No need to wear those annoying glasses to feel the 3D experience. A new Out of Home advertising that will surely be a hit in the Philippine market. 3D Vizion is the first company to offer this product in the country. As of today, they are already visible in most of Ayala Malls.

Breaking through to a new era: Glasses-free 3D in Philippine advertising

We’ve become a culture of screens. Whether the almighty TV, the ubiquitous computer screen or new cyber-appendage mobile phone or tablet, it is the new way that we see. The internet shrunk the world, it made us constant snackers of information, and even sprung revolutions on those who least expected it. All through a screen.

Even as we beat the drums of technology’s reign, it has only been successful when it stirred an emotion. We liked, we tweeted, we shared, we connected. It became the battle of the platforms. Except all that was in 2D—life in a flat screen. The greatest discovery of the Enlightenment was that the world was not flat. Exploration formed the way people thought and lived. It changed everything.

Time to explore a new advertising dimension.

Enter glasses-free 3D, the future standard of out-of-home advertising. This breakthrough system called glasses free 3D will alter the reality of information dissemination. The rise of social media has taught us that we must engage with our audience. This technology allows you to bring your brands to life.

Brought to the Philippines by 3DVizion, the glasses free 3D is part of an end-to-end solution. 3DVizion installs the screens, produces the content and distributes the 3D material using an automated process/all propriety tool of the company. It also provides audience measurement and analysis through 3D Genie that in turn, provides concrete insight. Substantial information makes all the difference for the agency, marketer and media buyer. Now it is possible to know how many eyeballs are looking, whether they are male or female and how old they are. This takes knowing who you’re target market to a whole new level.

“Glasses-free 3D leave such a lasting imprint that studies have shown that it is 10 times more effective more than regular 2D media,” shares Katrina Bantug, CEO and President of 3dVizion. “An Eastman Kodak study discovered that when used in a mall, the sales of the brand featured in the glasses-free 3D screen went up at least 12% in addition to the store reporting a 34% increase in consumer traffic.”

You not only cut through the clutter, you get under their skin. It’s all about heightened engagement. Market research has indicated that 92% of people exposed to the glasses free 3Ds remember the brand featured, and 86% of that group are more likely to purchase. Now that’s extreme brand recall. Studies in other industries such as education have proven that the medium is effective in making people perceive, understand, and remember ideas.

But it’s not just about technology. 3DVizion has your bottom line in sight.

“What makes glasses-free 3D screens different from other advertising platforms is that it makes people buy,” adds Bantug. “At the end of the day, glasses free 3Ds are selling tools. They cut through all the clutter, make people take notice, remember and ultimately purchase.”

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